Kara Del Toro In A Cleavy Gold Dress

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michael-garcia - September 20, 2016

Latina caliente Kara Del Toro wore an eye-popping gold dress out on the town. The dress was basically a slip and it was pretty apparent that she had nothing on underneath. She looked kind of cold because she was nipping through that dress. I would bet money she isn't wearing panties either, unfortunately we have no confirmation of that. Kara has a pair of sexy ta-tas that I would like to take out for some arroz con pollo. She's also got some sexy legs on her that I would personally like to cover in whipped cream and lick off. We all have our dreams, and this is mine. I'm pretty sure that after that I could die in peace. 

My mom always wanted me to marry a Latina and I would definitely settle down with Kara. We could open a B&B in Vermont and then in the evenings do the no pants dance. You know, to make mom happy. 


Photo Credit: Splash

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