Kanye’s Self Love Immortalized In Art

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michael-garcia - March 22, 2016

Kanye West really loves himself. Like, a lot. In an Inindustry full of egomaniacs and divas, he may be the worst. He makes declarations like that he is “more influential than any other human being” and that he is “the most important living artist”. He's compared himself to Picasso, Jesus, Kubrick, and Michelangelo. All because he wrote songs like "Golddigger"? I guess. While we are fans of Kim's rockin' body here at Egotastic, Kanye is just obnoxious. That's why it is hilarious that an Australian artist named Scott March painted a giant mural of Kanye kissing Kanye. Let's face it, he would if he could. It was based on a popular internet meme that went around a while back. It really captures his rampant narcissism. 

I was taught that being humble is an important attribute to have. Apparently, at his house they tolerated acting like a pompous asswipe. Saying you are a god is no way to talk. Here it is in its entirety. 


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