Breaking News: Yeezus Has Another Dumb Freaking Idea

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chris-littlechild - March 1, 2016

It's easy to snark on Kanye. Far, far too damn easy. Just look at the guy. There's his shitty fashion range. His ‘music.' The fact that he calls himself Evel Kanyevel and dicks about on a motorbike. Let's not forget that he also comes with a Kardashian thrown in.

My own biggest gripe with the man, though, is what happens when he opens his mouth. He will insist on the talking; the talking of utter unadulterated BS. His social media rants are always entertaining, in a you've-got-to-feel-sorry-for-the-guy sort of way, but this latest one? Damn.

The latest news from Kanye HQ is that he's feeling ‘some super nerd vibes' at the moment. He feels this shit, and he runs with it, like a sudden epiphany from on high which cannot be explained or denied. If said vibes were the inspiration for developing a video game about his mama, who are we to argue? We just hear the word of Yeezus and bow to his will.

There comes a time, though, when even the greatest of us must be held accountable. When you've got to have the balls to stand up and say, I'm sorry, Lord Kanye, but that's some serious bollocks you're talking right there. This is that time, gentlemen:

Super nerd vibes are one thing, but do you really want to name your album after a decades-old games console? Do you?

Do you?


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