Kansas State and Oregon Go Down! (and the Rest of the Best in a Great Weekend of College Football Action)

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bill-swift - November 20, 2012

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the proverbial water! What a weekend of great college football action!

Personally, I wasn't expecting much to happen this past weekend since so many teams were playing soft opponents (i.e. Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Texas A&M, etc.). As luck would have it the few teams that were playing competitive games more than made up for it! In fact, in the future I am all for the weekend's slate to be just like this past weekend. Normally it is kind of tough to choose what to watch and what to DVR. Since there were only a handful of games worth watching the choice was easy.

The good thing is that the drama can only get better from here. Thanks to Baylor decimating K-State and Oregon dropping to Stanford, the national title picture is going to dramatically change again. Notre Dame is the new No. 1, with Alabama, Georgia and Florida at 2, 3, and 4 respectively.

An even harder question to answer will be how Colin Klein's poor game is going to affect the Heisman race. Johnny Manziel looked awful impressive yet again...

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