Kaley Cuoco Is Busting at the Seams During Celebrity Tennis Match

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bill-swift - March 25, 2014

Kaley Cuoco is a woman who owns many sports bras. We see her often active in outdoor activities, quite bosom restrained behind her supportive Spandex brassieres. But occasionally Mother Nature triumphs over modern industry and Kaley's ample funbags will sweat their way through for a nice reveal beneath her tops, as they did during her celebrity tennis match over the weekend with her new tennis playing husband. He might be a golfer actually, I don't pay that much attention to husbands, mostly just a nuisance.

Kaley's combo sweat and competitive leaning led her sweet chest and proud nipples to eke through to a bit of public exhibition of the boobtastic kind. I hope this helped in her charitable endeavors. I know it made me feel like giving. Enjoy.