Kaili Thorne String Bikini Poses With Friends

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bill-swift - June 27, 2015

The entire Thorne girls family is representing today it seems. Kaili Thorne not the least of the enticing siblings baring her bikini bodily wares for that sinister 138 bottled water company that continues not to sell water so much as the sweet visual wonderments of young women in bikinis prancing across the shoreline. Which, naturally, is ten times better than stupid water. Until the drought worsens at least, then we'll have to start re-evaluating.

Kaili was joined on her promenade of the passion inducing bodies by Natalia Skye and Erin Krouse, also possessing bodies of great joy potential. Oh, to be the boy who gets to unlock that potential. Or just remove those last sticky grains of sandy from the cranny parts of their bodies where sand just seems to stick. My head is spinning at the moment. No, I don't want to be helped into a chair. This fainting by way of the faptastic is going to be memorable. Bikini bodies of the goddesses. More please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet