Kahili Blundell Wet T-Shirt Delights

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michael-garcia - March 10, 2016


Kahili Blundell has one of the best racks around in the business today. That is not up for debate. If you doubt me, please direct your attention to the above pictures. She starts out in a swimsuit and is literally popping out of every possible corner. Oh, there is sideboob, my friends. Unbelievable sideboob. But then Kahili puts on a white t-shirt and douses it with water. The resulting clinging see-through action is a sight to see. I feel like the storied tradition of the wet t-shirt contest is dying and that is a damn shame. It isn't like it was in the 80's in the glory days of the wet t-shirt contest. But in the meantime you can see Kahili's underboob as she lifts up her shirt to show it to you.

What I wouldn't give for an evening alone with those jugs. I would motorboat them until I throw my neck out. 

Photo Credit: Yume Magazine