Justina Kazlauskyte Bikini in Red Hot Colors on Miami Beach

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bill-swift - July 2, 2014

Justina Kazlauskyte may be tough to pronounce, so I'd just go with hottie Lithuanian model on the beach in Miami. We haven't seen much representing from Lithuania this year in our unofficial cataloging of superiorly sextastic ladies from all corners of the globe descended upon Miami to show off in their skimpy bikinis. But now consider them entered.

Justina is a rather ravishing raven-haired beauty making waves in the modeling world. Starting at her red bikini booty is causing me to have waves of my own. The happy kind. Borderline tsunami of passion actually. Might be time to lay down the plastic. Justina, I blame you. Also, I'd like to take you to dinner. My place for mozzarella sticks and vino? I know, you can't refuse. Enjoy