Justin Bieber, Tattoo Artist (VIDEO)

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Lex Jurgen - April 4, 2013

(The Foreigner music really completes the scene)

Would you let teen lesbian Justin Bieber give you a tattoo? Would you let a dude with leprosy give you a prostate exam? Meh, there are just some things that sound so fucking wrong from the get-go. No need to think your shit out or talk to the peeps or sleep on it. But tattoo artist to the fucked up stars, BangBang, just doesn't give a shit. He lets the troubled divas who haunt his establishment take a lick at inking his leg. Which I guess is a thing that you could pawn off as being super fucking cool if Marley and Morrison are etching their dank designs on your leg, but Justin Bieber coloring a cartoon character with the name 'Swaggy'? I'd rather have a hipster Chinese symbol and flaring hep-C. If Bieber thinks his tattoo work is going to get him some street cred on the inside, good luck. He's better off with a Helvetica font tat above his ass that reads, 'Don't rape me here and earn $10K.

Photo credit: Coleman-Rayner

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