Justin Bieber Has A New Step Mom

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Lex Jurgen - February 26, 2016

Justin Bieber's dad Jeremy took a break from setting up street races and kamikaze shooters for his son to marry a young chick. If you can't be with the one you love, love the one whose super rich kid has him on the payroll. Jeremy posted the proposal video to YouTube, because when you're Bieber's dubiously employed dad, people are going to want to see your future bride cry. Jeremy Bieber took in Justin's mom when she was a teen runaway on the streets and got her all better by knocking her up the second she hit Canadian legal. He clearly has a big heart. Expect him to be let go and rehired by his son repeatedly. It's hard to admit your douchebag personality might be hereditary. Like having cancer in the family, only they're close to a cure for that.

Photo Credit: Instagram