Just When You Thought You Could Escape from Reboots, Joel Silver Wants You to ‘Escape from NY’ Instead

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bill-swift - March 19, 2013

The Escape from NY reboot/remake project has been kicking around for so long that even one-eyed Snake Plissken could probably see it was probably a bad idea. The original, after all, while a cool cult film, seemed to have been more of a flash in the pan for anyone who had to sit through Escape from LA. For awhile, following 300, when people believed Gerard Butler could carry a movie, he was ready to don the eye patch, then people like Jeremy Renner and Tom Hardy (at least his Mad Max movie is a sequel with George Miller behind the camera) were attached. And then finally, like America's electricity at the end of the last movie, it was dead.

But Joel Silver says piss on that. He wants the hero that only film school kids and our parents remember to return to screens with the goal of turning it into a trilogy, 'starting with an origin story.' You know, maybe just put everything you can into making a really good, solid movie before worrying about the second to films. Also, haven't you learned that prequel origin stories ultimately leave the die-hard fanbase unsatisfied by erasing any ambiguity or nuance to the character? As the story points out, Silver wants to make this in the vein of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but that's a pretty tall order. So good luck Joel, but check out the gallery for movies we'd much rather seen get fed through the reboot machine than this one.

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