Julie Beekman Super Hot Bikini Show for One Helluva Introduction

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bill-swift - July 22, 2015

L.A. model done epically right, Julie Beekman, was tapped by Free People to show off their bikinis and swimsuits and essentially herself and make everybody want to wear their bathing suits or wear half of them at least if they have an outstandingly sextastic body like Julie, or anything therein approaching.

I'm not sure how much hard work it takes to maintain this kind of alluring sweet visuals in various revealing swimsuits, but I'm grateful Julie has undertaken such a noble mission. There's no higher calling perhaps than to share the gifts Mother Nature has bestowed upon you, no matter this variety. In this case, Julie and her wicked sweet body have the power to make millions feel tingly good all over. And perhaps push a few suits in the process. It's all good. Looking at these photos once more, I'd change that to great. So hot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Free People