Julianne Hough Incredible Vintage Swimsuit On Set For New Movie “Bigger”

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aldo-vallon - November 16, 2017

 I know that as a society we tend to think of the people of the past as a bunch of prudes, but they still knew how to make a good looking swimsuit. Obviously I am not including the pervs who partook in the psychedelic 60's as prudes, they get a cool pass. But everyone before that, by and large, were like a collective wet blanket on those sandy beaches. 

Policemen used to patrol the beaches and issue tickets to women who wore swimsuits that were too revealing. Now I would be surprised if the cops are not patroling to make sure women are not wearing too much clothing. It is a health hazard, you know. If a person wears too many layers when they are out under the sun they are a heat casualty waiting to happen.

My only hope is that the swimsuit that Julianne is wearing is not too much clothing in and of itself. From here it looks to be made out of some pretty heavy material. Just to be sure she is safe I will volunteer to be the person who takes her temperature every half hour.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA