Julianne Hough Tight Black Bra and Leggings, Spandex Lust!

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bill-swift - August 30, 2017

The newly married (boo) Julianne Hough remains as committed as single Julianne Hough to a life of rigorous workouts and dancing, which is good for us gentleman oglers, because regardless of relationship status, her status as hot slender blonde in Spandex hitting the gym remains undeniable.

Having waited so epically long for sexual intimacy, it's quite possible Julianne will soon be bearing the fruit of her labors. Or the fruits that put you into labor. I can only imagine how the spigot flows after so many years of being untapped. Wait, now I'm speaking about myself again by accident. Nevertheless, you don't look this good, this fit, and now finally unleashed from your no sex before marriage pledge only to engage in cheeky foreplay. The Hough Bounce House is probably inflated 24x7 if you know what I'm saying. Personally, I don't.

Julianne keeps herself ship shape in sports bras and yoga pants and intensive sweaty workouts. She strains so you don't have to, though you will certainly want to. I refuse to learn your husband's name, Julianne, both out of principled protest and the fact Hollywood marriages last an average of fourteen months. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid