Julianne Hough Super Hot In Spandex Leaving The Gym

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bill-swift - May 26, 2016

OMJ. Oh, my Julianne. There are certainly more showy women in Hollywood than Julianne Hough. But in terms of hot blondes with wicked tight bodies that get little notice in public, Julianne is right up there with the tops. She works hard for the money, and hard for that hard body. Ever sweaty and sheer and coming from some kind of workout. Unless she's lying about that being a virgin bit, in which case she might be coming from some lucky bastard's residence soaked through to the chest.

Julianna, you are an unsung goddess. I'd like to sing to you while you change out of those wet workout showoff clothes and into something more comfortable. Like my NFL teams bathroom with the giant holes in it. Moths. Damn them. You are my new sun. I wish to sit beneath you until I get melanoma. That doesn't sound as romantic as was the intention. I can't stop ogling you. I think it means I'm healthy. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews