Julianne Hough Sexy Black Tights

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aldo-vallon - September 18, 2017

 What Julianne Hough is rocking is what I consider some classy cleavage. Normally women just flaunt it, putting it out there on a platter for all to stare at. Julianne is showing a bit more restraint. It is still there but one really has to look for it, like playing the adult version of I spy. That little see-through piece of fabric serves like a veil. I can get a good idea of what lies underneath while still leaving a bit of mystery. It is quite considerate of her, which goes to show the kind of person she is, that she would not just lay it all out there. That little piece of fabric is like sunglasses for the eyes against the radiance of her chest. Any man who gets caught gazing will have really had to be obvious about it. Looking at cleavage is a skill most men master before they are out of high school, so anything after that timeframe gets no sympathy from me. Even a dog with an electric fence catches on after a few days, so if a grown man is unable to then I cannot see any hope for him in the future.    


Photo Credit: Backgrid