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bill-swift - October 11, 2017

Julianne Hough may be the healthiest person in Hollywood. Clean living, commitment to fitness, dancing for a living, she's got all the things covered that my doctor preaches every year while I plug my ears and hum Beyonce. Blonde and beautiful is definitely a way you want to go through life.

Julianne took her perfectly postured female form to the pages of Health magazine to show that she's married, she's not dead. Or something like that, as I interpret it whilst staring at her bare midriff revealing gym poses and imagine myself being her trainer. I want to watch you shower, Julianne. A reverse Weinstein if you will. Is that also so wrong?

Julianne works hard for her sweet sextastic body. You don't go and hide that kind of perfect art form away in a closet somewhere. Hotness needs to be exposed, that's the nature of heat. It expands and rises and cannot be contained. I'm guessing as to most of the technical aspects therein. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Health Magazine