Julianne Hough Fit Abs Leave The Gym

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michael-garcia - July 28, 2016

Lovely sexy person Julianne Hough and her trim body were seen leaving the gym. It seems like every week a picture of Julianne in workout clothes comes across our desk at Egotastic HQ. The amazing thing is that I'm in no way sick of looking at her. How could you be? Her body is nuts. She's got a set of abs on her that defy reason. Male body builders wish they had a stomach like Julianne. But male body builders don't have a rack like her. Julianne's knockers look amazing in that sports bra. She's giving me a cardio workout just looking at her. Then there is how unreal her booty looks in those tight workout pants. I would like to wear her butt as a hat it's so nice. 

I really enjoyed Julianne in that Grease Live musical thing they did a few months ago. She looked almost as sexy as Olivia Newton John in the end black spandex costume. Almost. 


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews