Julianne Hough Cleavy Leaving Pilates

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bill-swift - August 1, 2013

Julianne Hough works hard for the money. And hard for her body, a quite underrated bit of goodness that now freed from Ryan Seacrest beard duty, seems to be shimmering in its feminine wiles. I might just be imagining the shimmering part. But there does seem to be a glow around Julianne Hough these days. According to her, it can't be the lovemaking glow, maybe she just found an amazing new juice place.

Julianne did look rather swell and swelling both top and bottom, leaving Pilates class in her god-blessed stretch pants. I felt it was my workout today just to watch her stroll back to her car, her booty just swishing and swaying ever so perfectly. I do feel a bit shvitzy from all this ogling. Enjoy.