Julianne Hough Bare Midriff For Shape

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michael-garcia - August 16, 2016

Sexy starlet Julianne Hough bares her midriff for Shape Magazine. We report on Julianne a lot here at Egotastic and that's because a) she's everywhere and b) she's so friggin' hot. One of the things we most like about Julianne is her bare midriff which is prominently featured in this spread. She is in phenomenal shape. You could grate cheese with those abs. Not that you'd want to I'm just saying you could if you wanted to. We also see a bit of that famous Hough cleavage in her revealing top. I think Julianne's rule of thumb should be that the more skin she shows the better. Who needs clothes when you have a body like that? Not Julianne.

Of course to have a body like that you have to work out all the time. That's probably why we get almost daily pics of her coming out of or going to the gym. Hotness takes dedication.


Photo Credit: Shape Magazine