Julia Pereira Bikini Body So Perfect It Was Drawn Up in Heaven

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bill-swift - April 8, 2014

The Miami heat is getting hotter, the competition even stiffer, at least I think that's the competition getting stiffer, and the girls more varied and sextastic in size and scope. The battle for Miami's hottest celebrity model beach body goes on into its umpteenth week of super stellar visuals with Brazlian ridiculously hot bodied future girlfriend of mine, Julia Pereira, putting her perfect female form quite center stage.

If I was ever asked to design the perfect bikini body, and, trust me, in my dreams that happens all the time, I'm pretty sure my crayon schedule would at least nearly resemble Julia's killer body. It's just so utterly delicious when water is added. And that tight little booty. Somebody please hug me platonically for ten seconds. I think I need some supportive contact. Damn, Julia. Enjoy.

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