SI Model Joy Corrigan Revealing One Piece

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bill-swift - April 28, 2017

The one-piece is back, my friends. For all the 18,987 times I've fawned over alluring women in bikinis, the one-piece deserves it's place in the sun. These aren't your grandma's swimsuits.

Sports Illustrated hottie model Joy Corrigan shows precisely how it's done in a one-piece. By way of a design that is hardly even there. It's more like a Bulgarian weight lifters get up but barely hanging onto the slender body of a sweet Miami model. What's holding her funbags in from full exposure? Beats me, I slept through all the advanced science classes I never took. Besides, I'm a navel kind of guy and my leers are directed. 

Joy, you and your sextastic body are helping to bring back a style. I applaud you. I also ask that I can help you sunscreen those harder to reach areas. I do pre-warm my hands. No, I can't tell you how. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Fame Flynet