Joy Corrigan Is One Hell Of A Sexy Cowgirl

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michael-garcia - July 8, 2016

Hottie McHottiepants, Joy Corrigan, did a bronco bustin' nude pictorial on a horse for Galore Magazine. It must be a theme this week. I'm from Texas so a hot girl being a sexy cowgirl is right in my wheelhouse. Joy is in various states of undress in a barn or whatever. I guess when you are caring for your horse the proper attire is a pair of lace panties and some chaps. Sounds right to me. There are some nice covered topless pics as she tries, and largely fails, to cover her mammoth yabbos with her arms. Joy has quite a set of knockers. I'm surprised she can even stay upright on a horse. Speaking of which, there are several pictures of her completely nude on the horse. You can't see everything, but you can see plenty. My favorite part is her delicious-looking booty that is sitting bareback on that stallion. It makes a man think of other things...

But I digress. I like this Lady Godiva motif that's been going on lately. Though I'm sure it's less than comfortable to ride a horse with your bare butt, I appreciate the effort. 


Photo Credit: Galore Magazine