Joy Corrigan, Devon Windsor, Ashlee Simpson, Amanda Steele and More Party Together To Kick Off NY Fashion Week

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aldo-vallon - September 7, 2018

NY fashion week is always made out to be such a big deal. I do not get it. Why does the introduction of new fashion have to be concentrated into this short time frame, and why does it have to happen in New York?

Not to brag, but I have been to New York, and I must say, there is not a whole lot to be jealous of in terms of fashion. Half the time I do not know if I should offer to buy a sandwich for the homeless-looking girl on the street or if I should offer to buy her a drink. As attractive as they are, defined cheekbones and low body fat do not make up for terrible clothes.

Most of those fashion people would have been better off had they visited their nearest thrift store and bought up the entire stock of Bugle Boy clothing. I might be biased though, because my grandpa bought me stock in the company twenty years ago and I am still hoping for them to rally back from bankruptcy. If they ever do, oh boy, will I be sitting pretty.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA