Joy Corrigan Bikini Pimping the Shizz Out of Summer

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bill-swift - May 30, 2017

SI model Joy Corrigan continues to use her body for the purposes of moving swimsuits and a healthy bikini economy by way of fine female form, this time for Luxe Cartel swimwear, one of the nine thousand or so bikini companies I follow on Facebook because I need to know the latest in clothing trends for the ladies. And because free peeks at hot bodies, a very close second.

Joy Corrigan is quickly rising the ranks of blonde hottie you want pimping your two piece merch, with her tight female form and sweet pert top and bottom. She's a bikini body goal, as the lady bloggers say. Or a fine piece of faptasti female as the men with binoculars and privacy blankets like to say when pressed in their weaker moments. Joy, your name say it all. Though it's your body that's barking at me currently. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Luxe Cartel Swimwear