Jourdan Dunn Sheer Dress and Pasties at Vogue Party

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aldo-vallon - November 12, 2018

I do not know how a woman can go out wearing a glorified fish net like she is Aquawoman and still feel comfortable. I do not feel comfortable when I am overdressed at an event. How could I possibly be comfortable with my dong poking through a net?

Perhaps Jourdan Dunn has become desensitized to social mores since she is a model. Public nudity is pretty much a requirement in that field, so I can see how wearing an afghan might seem acceptable to her warped psyche. I on the other hand do not feel comfortable only wearing a blanket when I am alone in my room.

I suppose I can understand that sort of effect, because the jobs that I have held have desensitized me in ways as well. It isn’t to the point of nudity (yet) but it has affected me. Through different positions and companies I have largely worked with men. This has led to a certain demeanor being forged that would probably cause me to be let go from any number of companies. It might be an issue in the future. Having pigeonholed my personality into a crass 19th century sailor will probably make my future job prospects slim to nil.



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