Jourdan Dunn Is Just Plain Old Hot Strutting for Her Birthday

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bill-swift - August 12, 2014

We don't get to cover Britty model Jourdan Dunn very often since most of her appearances comes via the big bucks catwalks in fancy fashion shows where I'm on the no-fly list for some reason in terms of entry. A few catcalls and butt pinches and next thing you know you're persona non-grata. Quite unfair. As is just how damn hot dark skinned and sultry Jourdan Dunn is.

Jourdan hit the town over the weekend to celebrate her birthday and decided to dress to be noticed, drooled over, and for complete strangers to ask her for a birthday kiss. I'm not sure it works that way, but I would've tried too. Though I might have asked to give her an all-over body loofah scrub in lieu of the kiss. When you're going for the gold, make sure you're asking for 24 karat. Jourdan Dunn, you are a true, underrated treasure. Enjoy.