Jourdan Dunn Is All Legs At The Vogue Fashion Fund Party

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elliot-wolf - May 7, 2018

Jordan Dunn reminds me of a dream I had. Everything in it was wonderful and went right. And in my cinematic slumber there was this woman whose face I could not make out. But now after getting a glimpse of Jordan I’m absolutely certain that this is the same woman from my dreams. She was wearing almost the same outfit as well. Seductive royalty. She’s a queen that deserves to be worshipped. I’m working on writing her a love letter letting her know I’m available to compliment her existence. I believe that she doesn’t need a handbag on her arm but having a man like me wrapped around her in public would look much better.

I have to admit I fear something bad may happen to Jordan after seeing how far away her body guard is from her. If I was guarding her body I would make sure that there were only inches between us at all times. She’s so amazing to look at that I’m sure all the other women get jealous. And the last thing you want is a repeat of a Tonya Harding situation with someone so talented at being beautiful. I’d take one to the knee for Dunn.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA