Josephine Skriver’s Body Perfection

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aldo-vallon - October 27, 2017

 Whoever is responsible for making mannequins these days should scrap their old model and use Josephine Skriver exclusively. All other bodies are now obsolete and need to be updated to the newest hardware. How many companies could be responsible for making mannequins these days anyways? Is there really that high a demand for them that there could be more than one? It is not like a mannequin expires either, so they could feasibly last longer than a Twinkie. Aside from the most trendy places, I doubt many retail stores care to upgrade their mannequins regularly. Do they even do much to promote sales of the clothes they are wearing? All the mannequins I seem to see have an androgynous build to them that could wear unisex clothing. I think that is why the industry is definitely in need of a body like Skriver's to promote their clothes. Subconsciously consumers would be thinking that if those pants could make a mannequin's butt look good, then they would probably make their own look like it was painted by Rembrandt himself. Little would they know that it was the mannequin making the pants look good.  


Photo Credit: Instagram