Josephine Skriver Tiniest Insta Bikini Top Imaginable

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earl-jonas - August 28, 2017

Josephine Skriver is one of those impossibly sexy Victoria's Secret models who's probably a member of some prestigious A-list squad and who definitely gets paid tons of money to travel the world wearing as few clothes as possible. Case in point, this new Instagram pic, where Skriver dons an impossibly tiny bikini top that can barely contain her breastilicious frame. 

The twenty-four-year-old beauty spent the weekend in Morocco, and apparently, she wasn't able to get her hands on a replacement bikini when hers shrunk in the wash. Poor thing. But her pain is our gain, and I feel safe in saying that this is one of the sexiest pics we've seen from a Victoria's Secret model all year. And that's saying a lot. Honestly, the only thing smaller than this melon catcher would be two bottle caps tied together with a piece of floss. Looks like I have a DIY project for Ms. Skriver.  


Photo Credit: Instagram