Josephine Skriver Sweaty Workout Hottie

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michael-garcia - October 27, 2016

Certified hottie Josephine Skirver got sweaty in some tight Spandex workout gear for Victoria's Secret. There is nothing sexier on God's green Earth than a woman who is sweaty and lushed from the gym. That's the only reason to go to the gym in the first place. They release all kinds of sex pheromones that perfume the air. Of course, we can't smell Josephine over the computer. Not yet, anyway. But the pictures are still hella hot. She looks so hot in these sports bras that they make my togue roll out of my head like a cartoon wolf. Then there is her bare midriff which is incredibly muscled and toned. She's in ridiculous shape and her body should be seen by everyone. So, behold, my friends.

Even among the Victoria's Secret Angels, Josephine stands out as one of the sexiest and most beautiful. That's saying something. 


Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret

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