Josephine Skriver Naughty Cop For Victoria’s Secret Behind The Scenes

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bill-swift - December 2, 2015

Josephine Skriver is most definitely my favorite girl named Skriver and climbing fast up my list of sextastic Josephine's. These Polaroid shots of the Danish beauty behind the scenes of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show dressed as a naughty cop is certainly helping her leap many rungs at a time. Yes, that's me beneath you peeking.

Naughty hot lady cops certainly don't remind me of any of the law enforcement officials who have grabbed me firmly in my own troubled youth, but they are a welcome addition to the pantheon of wicked naughty cosplay. I'm not sure which police force allows you to keep your top unbuttoned to show off your bra, but it's a damn fine one. As are you, Josephine. Hit me with the pepper spray and do awful things to me while I'm blinded. I'm not rat. I'll never tell. But maybe take a picture so I have something for my scrapbook. And here's Josephine putting me in a chokehold. It felt good, kinda. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret Behind The Scenes Polaroids