Josephine Skriver Models Lingerie

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michael-garcia - July 14, 2016

Danish beauty Josephine Skriver looked sexy as hell modeling some tasty pieces of lingerie for Victoria's Secret. She was named a Victoria's Secret angel this year and it's easy to see why. The woman is flawless. Just look at how her melons look in those bras. I guarantee that she looks better in them than they look on your girl if you were to buy it for her. I'm sure you girl is attractive, but I highly doubt she's Josephine level hot. And that's OK. We regular mortals are not meant to sleep with women like Josephine. You have to be a millionaire or Leonardo DiCaprio to bed such fineness. My favorite one of the outfits she's wearing is the see-through black bra and pants thing. I would have trouble, ahem, controlling myself if I saw her in that. 

I can't wait for the Victoria's Secret catalog to come. That's always a good day. Sure, I like seeing the pics online but I'm old school and I still like the print catalog. I'm a romantic at heart. 


Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret