Josephine Skriver Incredibly Alluring at Fragrance Launch

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bill-swift - May 12, 2017

Who wouldn't want to smell like Josephine Skriver? That's an oddball one I haven't thought of before, though I have certainly imagined her alluring scene of heaven sent angel as we roll around in rose petals laid out by the Red Roof Inn staff on my nearly full sized bed where I woo the Victoria's Secret hottie with my dirty puns.

Josephine is launching a fragrance line because one-thousand celebrity aromas simply isn't enough for the store shelves. She looks ridiculously hot and might as well go for pimping any product she can think of; with sextastic comes the power of the prurient promotion. Fragrances, panties, and other fine bits associated with her alluring goodness. I'm mocking a bit, but I've also bought six gallons of eau de toilette as a starter. Josephine Skriver, hug me. Let our stenches mix in lust. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News