Josephine Skriver Football On The Beach

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aldo-vallon - July 17, 2017

Josephine Skriver was looking like an adorably awkward Barbie doll on the beach. I have not played with dolls, I mean action figures, since I was a boy, but I would jump at the opportunity to pose that body however I wanted. Maybe she was not designed for football throwing, but I can think of one more type of ball handling I would still give her a shot at. The girl looks like she really knows her way around a bocce ball court.  

What is Danish for, “Those overalls would look even better on the floor?” I squandered my high school years learning the completely useless Spanish language when I could have been preparing for the inevitable day I run into a Scandinavian princess. I would like to see one of her millionaire suitors try to fumble his way through a Danish greeting. It would be so ridiculous.  

I bet the chumps she runs around with do not even compliment her on the proportion of her breasts to her waist. Is chivalry really dead? One night slumming around town with me and I will have that doll face’s self-esteem shooting through the roof of my ’94 Toyota Corolla. Ladies love a man with his own ride, regardless of if he is still making payments or not.