Josephine Skriver Cleavy Hottie Next Door

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bill-swift - May 18, 2016

Josephine Skriver continues her rise as America's hottest girl next door model, even if next door is actually Denmark, and if I were to live next door to her she'd probably hire 24x7 security with enlargements of my photo and orders to shoot to kill. That always makes it tougher to go borrow sugar. Or watch her change into all the lingerie items I keep having mailed to her home. In my defense, I always pick up after my dog and I don't know anybody cool enough to party late night at my house.

Josephine was tapped by Urban Outfitters to model a whole ton of their adorable type suburban girl outfits showing off her sweet figure and petite, yet clearly desirable rack. I assume the items come with no guarantee that your results may look as schoolgirl hot as Josephine Skriver. If they could, they wouldn't be forty bucks, they'd be four hundred thousand or so. What Josephine has bottled can't be sold really. Just drooled over from afar. Hey, what happens to all those clothes after she's done modeling them? I'm asking for a friend who looks like me and lives at my address. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters