Josephine Skriver Breathtaking Cleavage Is Nashville’s Best Sight

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aldo-vallon - December 24, 2018

I never had much of a reason to go to Nashville before. Aside from the music, the food, and the overall culture it seemed like kind of a dud city. There was no way I’d waste my precious vacation days on a gamble like Nashville while a proven good time existed, like visiting Springfield, IL for the tenth time. If you want to talk about a city that parties hard, then look no further than the place that houses Abe Lincoln’s top hat.

But now that I know Josephine Skriver vouches for Nashville I may have to alter my future vacation plans. Granted, that girl can probably have a good time in any city, while the rest of us need to visit two all you can eat buffets before we feel any satisfaction, there is probably something of merit out there.

And if there is even the slightest chance that I can run into Josephine while I am out there then that will make it all worth it. Trying to run into celebrities in the real world is the present day equivalent to mining for gold. Only instead of benefitting your life in any way you can only hope that it makes your friends jealous.



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