Josephine Skriver Booty Cheeks In Lace

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bill-swift - April 18, 2016

Danish sweet and sextastic young model Josephine Skriver makes me consider being a better man. Or at least a richer man who might one day have himself a fine looking Victoria's Secret model on his arm to take to his high school reunion. I'll show all the naysayers there, including my teachers, counselors, and parents. 

The hotness that is Josephine Skriver is highlighted in this month's Marie Claire Italy magazine. I know you don't get this periodical to your doorstep each month, which is why you have me to do your fun time dirty work. You really do not want to miss Josephine in little bits of cheeky revealing lace and other moist barely there items showing off her healthy perfect female form. I really need to learn just enough Dansk to ask her parent for permission to cover their daughter in honey and go full Pooh Bear. That could take years to translate. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Marie Claire Italy