Josephine Skriver Bikini Body Hotness

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bill-swift - November 18, 2015

My Danish darling and future ex-FWB Josephine Skriver seems to be booking modeling gigs by the dozen a day or so, which may be the direct result of her being extremely good looking and having the body of a heavenly goddess. Or it could be her polite manners. I was always told those would get you far, though admittedly I'm still waiting.

Featured in numerous bikinis exhibiting her stellar body, Jospehine's latest alluring body of work for Sauvagewear swimwear reminds us that most bikinis are sold in the winter time when the ladies are planning some kind of warm weather get away for now or the early spring, and therefore we are privy to a ogle-orgy of hot bodies in bikinis throughout the coldest months of the year. It's sort of a lifesaver really. Especially if you're left without heat and might freeze today without constant fapping activity. Josephine, you and that body of yours are a lifesaver, literally. Somebody get that girl a Nobel Piece of Hotness Prize. Just the ribbon, Josephine. Nothing else. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sauvagewear