Cowboys Running Back Guilty In Cologne Heist

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esteban-esposito - July 25, 2015

Dallas Cowboys running back and aspiring jewel thief Joseph Randle pleaded guilty to stealing a store sampler bottle of cologne and some underwear from Dillard's a few months back. No word on how the date went. 

It's unclear why Randle, who makes half a million bucks a year, felt the need to steal cologne and also how a sample bottle counts as stealing. We're all guilty of that one. 

The name of the cologne involved was Gucci's Guilty Black. He should have stolen Innocence by Liz Claiborne. 

Randle was sentenced to 180 days probation and paid a $500 fine, reportedly while smelling terrific.

Blame the concussions. Otherwise we're at a loss. Perhaps the scented fumes are rotting your brain. 

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