Jordyn Woods Extra Curvy Island Bikini Pics

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elliot-wolf - January 23, 2019

Jordyn Woods is my weakness. I just love a woman with her kind of circumference. I wish I could make a circle around her with my arms right now. I remember in high school some teacher told me something about not staring at a tree too long because you’ll lose sight of all of the other trees. Or something about missing out on a woody forest. Anyway, I feel like that applies here because I would like to stare at Woods until God is able to fill a forest of women that look just like her. Then, and only then would I take my eyes off the only woman that looks more tempting than the tree that produced the apple Eve ate in the Garden of Eden.

Looking at Jordyn fills me with so much joy that her name, in my book, is officially a proper substitute for other exclamations of happiness. Instead of hallelujah, hot dang, and heck yeah, I will say Jordyn Woods! And I would like to say her name aloud as much as possible. Not because I would ever forget that such perfection exists, but because I would like to remind myself that perfection can also be pronounced Jordyn Woods.


Photo Credit: Instagram / Getty Images / MEGA