Jordan Carver Tickles the Ivories With Her Baby Grands

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bill-swift - January 13, 2012

Editors note: some or all of the images in this post have been removed at request of JCM.

Okay, so maybe bustastic model supreme Jordan Carver can't actually play the piano, but all I hear when I look into her chest her eyes is the sweet dulcet sounds of a symphony perfectly in tune. The strings, the horns, the brass, and most definitely the enormous bass drums, all playing their part in creating the perfect sextastic harmony.

It's not that we're so much in lust with Jordan Carver here as we are just sort of standing and staring in quiet silence, in the manner of a dog with laser beam focus on the treat in his master's hands. If her melons moved left, we'd dart in that direction forthwith. Enjoy.