Jordan Carver Learns that Married Men Enjoy First Dates Too in Her Date Night Disaster (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 31, 2013

Not to give away too much in advance, but our bouncy flouncy hottie German friend Jordan Carver's Date Night Disaster reminds me once more of the difference between men and women.

A couple or three years back, me and some guys were out for a night on the town and got invited back to some ladies' place for an after-party and one thing led to another and my buddy Turk the Greek hooked up with one of the girls and we didn't see them until the next morning when Turk had the grin of grins on his successful face and this girl came out of the same bedroom crying. The girl tells Turk she needs to confess a horrible secret, that she's really married and pretended to be single the night before and fooled him and she felt horrible about deceiving him. To which Turk replied 'No worries' and Turk went straight out for a Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's. Dudes just don't care.

But, women, as you will see in our latest installment of Date Night Disasters, are far less forgiving of dude's who lie about their backgrounds. Enjoy.

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