Jordan Carver Bikini Pictures Can’t Stop Looking Ridiculously Hot

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bill-swift - February 4, 2012

Editors note: some or all of the images in this post have been removed at request of JCM.

Sometimes I start leering into the fabulous funbags of Jordan Carver and the next thing I notice is that the clock on the wall has advanced four hours and my neck hurts something awful. It's the strangest phenomenon. There's something magical about those full-sized flesh puppies of hers, some mystical and alluring Siren call built within, to crash men's libidos upon the rocky shores of reality, but not before a solid bit of imagination fun time.

In her recent Moroccan themed green bikini pictures, Jordan Carver once again manages to cover her ginormous melons with just her bitty hands, an incredibly dexterous feat that I would applaud, were it not for the net effect of covering up her full jugtaculars. Still, just a whole lot of awesome. Enjoy.