John Daly Hits a Drive off of a Tee in David Feherty’s Mouth (VIDEO)

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michael-garcia - August 3, 2012

David Feherty is not right in the head. He can't be after volunteering to hold a tee in his mouth so that John Daly can drive a golf ball off of it.

The stunt was part of the show Feherty on the Golf Channel. You can hear the producer off camera begging John and David not to go through with it, but of course they don't listen to the guy. Feherty isn't even shaking in the least, nor does he even seem to flinch as a driver is swinging over his face with a club head speed probably around 90 mph (Daly didn't seem to swing as hard as he could).

Just watch it and see if you can do it without flinching. I couldn't.

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