Joey Fatone Tells Bieber To Stop Being Such A Douche

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editor - April 26, 2013

Joey Fatone of N'Sync has given Justin Bieber some simple advice: stop being such a douche. You'll recall that the Biebs has been doing a lot of stupid shit lately like saying Anne Frank would probably be a fan of his stupid music, spitting on a neighbor, and just generally acting like a fucktard across the European continent, which, granted, they deserve. Fatone had this to say about his to his fellow middle-aged lesbian:

"Don't be a douche. That's plain and simple. You get this bug from the celebrity thing, where you're very on top of the world and everyone's 'yessing' you to death, so you're like, 'I can get away with this. I can do that.'

You know things are bad when Joey Fatone tells you to cut back on the douchebaggery. It's even worse when he's right. Of course, we'd all be dicks to some extent if we were 19 and wildly rich and famous and people let us get away with everything and hot girls would sleep with us even if we were total a-holes. The measure is relative. With celebrities who deal with their mighty pop power in a dignified, classy way on one end of the dial and spinning all the way down to total utter douchebags like Justin Bieber. So much so that Joey Fatone is calling him out. It's like Courtney Love telling you you've got a drug problem. It's time to reflect.