Jodie Marsh Lingerie Tatted Tease

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bill-swift - December 12, 2015

If you like big and busty and tatted and playful, you must be a fan of Jodie Marsh, the British glamour model slash bodybuilder slash showoff now prancing about in lingerie for Zoo magazine.

Jodie is the kind of girl you might describe as a handful. For the guys who eschew dainty and delicate for biker and bad-ass. Not to mention curvaceous and meaty and all those kind of things that get super fun when you're super rolling around in the sheets. I'm a man who likes a challenge. Provided it's less than or equal to three minutes, obviously. There's a challenge and then there's work. Let's not crossover. Jodie Marsh is the happy time prize. See her in her panties and bra and see if you don't wish to undertake such a mission. There's no going back. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Zoo