Joba Chamberlain Out Indefinitely After Destroying Ankle on Trampoline

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michael-garcia - March 24, 2012

New York Yankee pitcher Joba Chamberlain is in the hospital and out of action indefinitely after enduring a gruesome ankle injury while playing with his son on a trampoline. Chamberlain had surgery Thursday night after he suffered an open ankle dislocation, which is as gross as it sounds. says Chamberlain's injury had an open flesh wound around it. The pitcher was taken into surgery right away to fight any chance of infection. Chamberlain was already rehabbing from Tommy John surgery on his elbow and expected to be out until June.

ESPN's medical analyst says Chamberlain is most likely out for the year, and will require a lot of therapy to get full range of motion back on the ankle. Yankee GM Brian Cashman shared the team's devastation.

"I just feel for him as an individual, as a member of our family," Cashman said. "We care a great deal about him, and we're just right now gonna be there [for him]."

Yankee captain Derek Jeter hurt his calf about a week ago, but is expected to be okay.