Joanna Krupa Sweet Hot Showoff Out For Her Birthday in Hollywood

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bill-swift - April 25, 2016

A happy belated birthday to Joanna Krupa who turned thirty-seven years young over the weekend and celebrated by taking her killer blonde Polish model body out to dinner all fancy and decked out to the nines showing off her twos. Joanna's dress was the wardrobe choice of confident veteran hotties with bodies worked out perfect to within an inch of belusted perfection. So why not put on the plunging dress with no bra and show off the sweet teats to as many people who could possibly ogle. Outside a popular nightspot in Hollywood you're bound to find a dozen or a hundred of willing onlookers.

Joanna has been tearing up the world of modeling and now reality TV show hotties for a solid decade or more now. Formerly just a wicked hot woman with a willingness to bare her top around the pool, Joanna has turned herself into a modern media icon on multiple TV channels, though never forgetting where her bread gets buttered. The gentleman oglers who churn the cream as it were to make that butter. Hence the sideboob and deep cleavage revealing dress in a shimmering gold. You couldn't miss it from a mile away. Why would you want to? Have hot bodies will travel. Happy birthday, Joanna, you may now blow out the candles. Yes, I know it's just one candle. Yes it is big, thank you very much. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash