Joanna Krupa Fragrant and Foxy

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brian-mcgee - September 19, 2017

To paraphrase the Bee Gees, Brandi Glanville once started a joke that started the whole world snickering endlessly whenever they hear the name Joanna Krupa. To wit, Brandi mentioned back in 2013 that Joanna had a smelly snatch and now it has haunted the lovely Ms. Krupa ever since. 

I know that this hasn't been proven in a court of law, and this was four years ago. For all I know, Joanna's nether regions smell like a field of freshly picked flowers. And maybe Brandi was just being catty and trying to start a rumor. I once started a rumor that an acquaintance of mine was a corpse f*cker because he complained about the strength of the air freshener in my car. That's what you get when you cross me, yo.

Anyways, it's a Jukebox Selects, going out to all the ladies out there, whether your ladybusiness smells fresh as a daisy or rotten as a fishmonger. Here's some solid advice to take when your man comes home after three in the morning. Smell it, honey. Just take it out and smell it. Also enjoy Joanna Krupa, sounding like a Mario Brothers villain. 

Photo Credit: Backgrid